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Type Conference Paper - 2016 World Bank Conference on 5 Land and Poverty
Title Drivers of Sustainable Land Management in Eastern Africa
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Country/State Germany
URL https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/201705.0007/v1/download
Land degradation is a serious impediment to improving rural livelihoods in Eastern Africa. This paper identifies major land degradation patterns and causes, and analyzes the determinants of sustainable land management (SLM) in three countries (Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania). The results show that land degradation hotspots cover about 51%, 41%, 23% and 23% of the terrestrial areas in Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia respectively. The analysis of nationally representative household surveys shows that the key drivers of SLM in these countries are biophysical, demographic, regional and socio-economic determinants. Secure land tenure, access to extension services and market access are some of the determinants incentivizing SLM adoption. The implications of this study are that policies and strategies that facilities secure land tenure and access to SLM information are likely to incentivize investments in SLM. Local institutions providing credit.
services, inputs such as seed and fertilizers, and extension services must also not be ignored in the
development policies.

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