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Type Report
Title Population And Housing Census 2011 Analytical Report
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Publisher Statistics Botswana
The 2011 Population and Housing Census Analytical Report presents the major thematic analysis of the 2011
Population and Housing Census (PHC) . The 2011 PHC is the fifth of its kind to be conducted in Botswana.
It is one of the series of publications resulting from the 2011 Census. The publication contains a wealth of
information on the socio–economic demographics of the population of Botswana. The 2011 Population and
Housing Census Dissemination Seminar publication compliments this publication greatly.
The primary objective of the 2011 PHC was to provide up-to-date information for policymakers, planners,
researchers, and programme managers that would allow guidance in the development, monitoring and
evaluation of policies in Botswana.
Statistics Botswana would like to acknowledge the efforts of a number of organisations and individuals who
contributed immensely to the success of the census. On behalf of the Government, Statistics Botswana would
like to express its sincere gratitude to all authors, commentators, analytical committee members and various
technical working group

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