Gender Differentials of Non-Wage Benefits on Job Tenure

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research (IJEER)
Title Gender Differentials of Non-Wage Benefits on Job Tenure
Volume 4
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 77-87
Purpose: The article investigates the effect of statutory non-wage benefits- paid holidays, sick leave and maternity leave- on job tenure among men and women formal-sector workers in Ghana. Methodology: The study draws its data from the 2012/ 2013 Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS VI) with approximately 18,000 households and employs a Heckman selection model, with interaction effects, in the empirical analyses. Findings: We find that while non-wage benefits have a positive and significant effect on job tenure, these effects are stronger among women workers. Given the government of Ghana’s stated interest in improving the quality of jobs among employed workers (particularly among women) and the national focus on poverty reduction, these findings provide some evidence on the usefulness of non-wage benefits in ensuring longer work durations and labour market continuity, particularly among women. Recommendations: These benefits may be particularly useful to women as they are likely to address incompatibilities in labour market participation and domestic responsibilities that women face.

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