Employment Security and Workers’ Moonlighting Behaviour in Ghana

Type Working Paper - African Governance and Development Institute
Title Employment Security and Workers’ Moonlighting Behaviour in Ghana
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/149930/1/agdi-wp16-006.pdf
Purpose - This study sets out to determine the effect of employment security on
moonlighting in Ghana as a means to inform policy on enforcing issues of employment
Design/methodology/approach – The paper follows the work of Shishko and Rostker
(1976) in using the GLSS6 data by applying the ordered logit estimation technique. An
employment security index is created using four variables.
Findings - The findings indicated that as a person with a single job becomes more secure
with employment, the likelihood of moonlighting is decreased by 0.03 while increasing
levels of employment security for people with two and three or more jobs, on the
contrary, increases the likelihood of moonlighting by 0.0297and 0.0008 respectively.
This implies that workers can be made to stick to single jobs by providing them with
higher levels of employment security but once they take on two or more jobs, providing
them with employment security pushes them to even want to moonlight the more.
Originality/value - With current harsh economic conditions in the country and the urgent
need for multiple jobs (moonlighting) as a risk coping mechanism, little has been done on
the role employment security plays as a catalyst or otherwise. This paper fills the gap by
employing a comprehensive index on employment security in the case of Ghana.

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