Changing Gender Roles in Agriculture?

Type Working Paper
Title Changing Gender Roles in Agriculture?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
At a time when donors and governments are increasing efforts to mainstream gender in agriculture, it is
critical to revisit long-standing wisdom about gender inequalities in agriculture to be able to more
efficiently design and evaluate policy interventions. Many stylized facts about women in agriculture have
been repeated for decades. Did nothing really change? Is some of this conventional wisdom simply
maintained over time, or has it always been inaccurate? We use longitudinal data from Ghana to assess
some of the facts and to evaluate whether gender patterns have changed over time. We focus on five main
themes: land, cropping patterns, market participation, agricultural inputs, and employment. We add to the
literature by showing new facts and evidence from more than 20 years. Results are varied and highlight
the difficulty of making general statements about gender in agriculture.

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