Adolescent health in Asia: insights from India

Type Journal Article - International journal of adolescent medicine and health
Title Adolescent health in Asia: insights from India
Volume 28
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 321-325
Adolescents living in the Indian subcontinent form a significant proportion of the general population. India is home to 236 million adolescents, who make up one-fifth of the total population of India. Adolescent health is gradually considered an important issue by the government of India. Awareness is increasing about adolescent needs. Health care professionals in particular are becoming more interested in the specific needs of adolescent age. Adolescent medicine as a subspecialty of pediatrics has also gained importance gradually over the last decade. In a hospital setting, adolescent-specific needs are met, albeit not in a uniform manner in all the health centers. After having been trained in adolescent medicine in India and abroad, I present this paper as a bird’s eye view of the practice of adolescent health and medicine in India.

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