Food price volatility and natural hazards in Pakistan

Type Book
Title Food price volatility and natural hazards in Pakistan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Publisher FAO/WFP
This book was jointly prepared by FAO and WFP research teams.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who contributed to the
preparation and development of this publication, including the following FAO staff
and consultants from the Trade and Markets Division: Shukri Ahmed, GIEWS Team
Leader; Kirsten Hayes, Project Consultant; Mischa Tripoli, Project Consultant; Steven
Yen, Project Consultant. We would also like to acknowledge the valuable contribution
of the following WFP staff and consultants from the Analysis and Nutrition Service
(VAM): Stephanie Brunelin, Project Consultant; Sahib Haq, Programme Officer, WFP
Pakistan; Shaibalini Khadka, Project Consultant; Ruangdech Poungprom, Sr. Programme
Assistant, WFP Regional Bureau for Asia; Rishi Sharma, Project Consultant; and Chloe
Wong, Project Consultant.
We are very grateful to Boubaker BenBelhassen, Jamie Morrison and Ramesh Sharma
from FAO, and Michael Sheinkman and Wolfgang Herbinger from WFP, who reviewed
draft versions and provided recommendations for the final version of this book, and to
Ramani Wijesinha-Bettoni for editorial advice. Appreciation is extended to the constant
support from David Hallam, Director of EST at FAO and Joyce Kanyangwa-Luma, Deputy
Director, Policy, Programme and Innovation Division at WFP.
Finally, this publication would not have been possible without the generous financial
support provided by the Government of the Republic of Ireland.

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