Determinants of child school choice in Punjab: Policy implications

Type Journal Article - European Journal of Scientific Research
Title Determinants of child school choice in Punjab: Policy implications
Volume 23
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 285-293
This study was related to the socio – economic factors which affected the parent’s
decision towards the school choice for their children. The secondary data from Household
Income Expenditure Survey (HIES was used. This study explored the economic
determinants of school choice at primary level in Punjab province. Two types of schools
public and private school were investigated in this study. The binary logistic regression
model was applied to estimate the probability of selecting school choice. The study
revealed that quality of education generated sufficient incentives for parents to invest in
better education of their children. The parents responded that higher enrolment in private
school was due to better quality of education. Lower cost of schooling was the dominant
factor to increase the enrolment in public schools. This study also revealed that parent’s
education, and income was positively and strongly influenced the private school enrolment.
In urban areas, parents enrolled their children in private school. The age of the child,
distance from school, family size and cost of schooling were negatively related to private
school enrolment.

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