The development and state of the art of adult learning and education (ALE)

Type Report
Title The development and state of the art of adult learning and education (ALE)
Volume 1998
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Country/State Pakistan
The subject report has been prepared for the 6th International Conference on Adult education (CONFINTEA-VI) to be held in Brazil in May 2009. The aim of CONFINTA VI is to renew international momentum for adult learning and education. For this purpose, Member States including Pakistan were requested to prepare a national report on the development in adult learning and education since 1997 (CONFINTEA V) on the current state of the art and future challenges of adult learning and education.

The report gives a critical review of Literacy and Non-formal Education Policy, Planning, Programmes/ Projects and Financing in Pakistan since 1997-98 (CONFINTEA-V). Furthermore, it also focuses on literacy trends, data/ statistics, issues, priority needs and lessons learned as follows:

It highlights the salient features of current and revised (draft) policy on literacy and non-formal education and observers that implementation of literacy policy provisions had remained low due to various reasons such as lack of political will, scarcity of resource and low capacity etc. The report discusses in detail the system, structure and organizations involved in planning and management of adult literacy and non-formal education programmes and projects at national and provincial levels.

The report also highlights salient features of development programmes and projects launched in adult literacy and non-formal education since 1997-98 both in public and private sectors. Public Sector Programmes include the programmes/projects of National Commission for Human Development; Punjab Literacy and Non-formal Education Department; Elementary Education Foundation NWFP; and National Education Foundation. Besides, contributions and services of major NGOs in literacy and non-formal education have also been highlighted.

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