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Type Journal Article - Journal of Business
Title Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and The Progress of Bangladesh to the Achievement of Those: An Evaluation
Volume 33
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 139-159
URL http://www.fbs-du.com/bn/admin/login/news_event/14664887747.pdf
: A sustainable development of all nations of the world is a prime
responsibility of the United Nations (UN). Since inception, UN is trying in this
respects. Unfortunately, the poor countries are becoming poorer. Some of the poorer
countries are severely overwhelmed by different problems. Consequently, in 2000
UN declared eight goals to be achieved within 2015, known as Millennium
Development Goals. Bangladesh is trying to achieve those and in some respects the
progresses are satisfactory. The study will represent a picture of progress and effort
in this respect.

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