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Title Loss and Damage from salinity intrusion in Sathkira District, coastal Bangladesh
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
URL http://loss-and-damage.net/download/7273.pdf
The coastal belt of Bangladesh is highly exposed
to various climatic factors including variations in
temperature, erratic behavior of rainfall, cyclonic
events, drought and salinity intrusion. Climate
induced sea level rise and cyclonic events have
already led to an increased salinity in fresh water
and soil in the coastal area. A recent study
indicates that the salinity affected area has
increased from 8330 km2
in 1973 to 10560 km2 in
2009 (Soil Resource Development Institute, 2010).
Cyclone and storm surge induced salinity
intrusion have been a cause of huge loss and
damage to rice crops and drinking water supply
systems in many villages of the coastal districts
including Satkhira.

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