Immunization coverage and its determinants among children 12-23 months of age in Aden, Yemen

Type Journal Article - Saudi Medical Journal
Title Immunization coverage and its determinants among children 12-23 months of age in Aden, Yemen
Volume 31
Issue 11
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 1221-1226
Objectives: To assess the immunization status of children
aged 12-23 months and its determinants in Aden,
Methods: This cross-sectional survey was conducted
between March and July 2007 during which time
mothers of 680 children from 37 randomly selected
clusters in Aden, were interviewed. Information on
socio-demographic profiles and children’s immunization
status was obtained. Immunization coverage of all
officially provided vaccines was assessed. Analysis of
association between immunization coverage and the
socio-demographic characteristics were tested using
logistic regression analysis with the immunization status
as the dependent variable.
Results: We found that 83.1% had complete, 10.4%
had partial, and 6.5% were never immunized. The
immunization card retention rate was 84.9%. The
immunization coverage was 92.9% for Bacillus-CalmetteGuérin,
89.6% for Oral Polio Vaccine-3, 86.6% for
Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetanus-3 and HepatitisB
vaccination, and 89.1% for measles. Multivariate
analysis showed that children with an immunization
card (odds ratio [OR]=14.71; 95% confidence interval
[CI]: 8.50-25.44) were more likely to have complete
immunization, while children with older aged mothers
(OR=0.41; 95% CI: 0.22-0.77) were more likely to have
complete immunization.
Conclusion: Despite the high immunization coverage,
16.9% of children did not have complete immunization,
and this rate was lower among children of older mothers,
and those who retained their immunization cards.
Raising awareness of immunization and increasing access
to health services must be strengthened.

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