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Type Thesis or Dissertation - título de economista
Title Discriminacion salarial y segregacion ocupacional por razon de genero en la Ciudad de Quito, ano 2015.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec/bitstream/25000/9946/1/T-UCE-0005-041-2017.pdf
This research project analyzes wage discrimination and occupational segregation by
gender in Quito, in 2015. So then, this work covers several points: first, they are presented
the theories that support research and a general overview of national and local labor
market. For that, it was made use of the National Survey of Employment, Unemployment
and Underemployment prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Census;
second, they are determined the profitability rate of education, the index of discrimination
and the occupational segregation curves, together they are calculated several indicators
showing the participation, representation and gender concentration by occupancy types.
Finally, a critique of the current national situation becomes, and contributions are
generated to reduce these problems observed. The study results suggest that there is wage
discrimination in the city of Quito, since women are those with higher levels of education,
but receive lower wages than their peers. In the same vein occupational segregation is
confirmed in activities which are feminized and masculinized.

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