El desempleo como fenomeno en la economia nacional.

Type Thesis or Dissertation - título de econo
Title El desempleo como fenomeno en la economia nacional.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL http://www.dspace.uce.edu.ec:8080/bitstream/25000/9955/1/T-UCE-0005-056-2017.pdf
This research project is an economic and social analysis of unemployment in Ecuador
as a phenomenon in the national economy between 2010-2015.
The problem is stated in how unemployment affects the national economy, as well as
a brief analysis of the evolution of macroeconomic variables and their relation to the
aspects that determine the living conditions of the population.
The methodologies used in our study is Okun’s law to observe empirically the correlation
between changes in the unemployment rate and growth, law corresponding to
Arthur Okun (1962), which explains the relationship between GDP and unemployment
of an economy. Therefore, the explanation of a macro economy will help us
understand how the country is during the years of study, in this context the development
of employment and labor market functioning talking about a growth of the Ecuadorian
economy; because it is very significant to understand the degree of correlation
with these variables and decompositions of them in the course of time and the
involvement of the population through labor policies that has decreased unemployment
in Ecuador.

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