Pre and Post Regional Development Scenario in India

Type Journal Article - Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India
Title Pre and Post Regional Development Scenario in India
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 1-10
India has travelled through a remarkable journey aer Independence. As a edgling democracy, the planned economic
development took 40 long years from 1950–51 for India’s real per capita GDP to double by 1990–91. Macroeconomic
crisis of 1991 is a turning point in the post-Independence economic geography and history of India. e government of India
adopted two completely dierent approaches of regional development in pre and post reform period aer Independence. As a
result of economic reform and unlocking its growth potential, in only 15 years, India’s per capita income doubled in 2006–07
and going to double again by 2017–18, in only 10 years time. But rising income inequalities, loss of traditional livelihoods,
increasing environmental problems and emerging social tensions in post reform period urge us to overview the degree of
inclusiveness achieved in balanced sustainable regional development goals and further do the needful course correction in
the policies.

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