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Type Journal Article - Hekima Review
Title Kenya’s Neglect for Sexuality Education: Parents and Teachers blend as Plausible Approach
Issue 55
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 83-92
URL https://journals.hekima.ac.ke/index.php/hekimareview/article/viewFile/970/176
Recognizing the prominence of education, the Catholic Church, particularly
in the post Tridentine era, has taught that the primary end of marriage inter alia is
education of children. She argues that parents are the primary educators of their children
and, therefore, they should be the ones to expose their children to education including
Sexuality Education. As a matter of fact, this is the ideal, which should be attained by the
parents, since they have authority over their children. In Kenya, the parents in most cases
have not been able to attain this epitome due to multifaceted and complex factors. As a result,
Sexuality Education has technically been neglected. Evidently, the debate on Sexuality
Education seems to be recurring persistently, begging for due attention. This paper intends
to examine the Church’s position contrasting it with lived reality. Recognizing the gap due to
neglect by parents, the paper proposes school teachers as supplement to parents in teaching
Sexuality Education.

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