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Type Journal Article - The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
Title An intervention study to assess knowledge and attitude about reproductive health among Turkish Armed Forces.
Volume 66
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 1571-1576
URL http://www.jpma.org.pk/PdfDownload/8005.pdf
Objective: To evaluate the influence of reproductive health training given in Turkish Armed Forces on recruits'
Methods: This interventional study was conducted at the Basic Military Training Centre, Kutahya, Turkey, from
September to October 2009, and comprised recruits of armed forces. Data was collected and assessed before and
after the training sessions. The intervention programme consisted of education focusing on anatomy of the
reproductive system, contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infections, responsible parenthood, gender and
violence against women. A knowledge evaluation form of 25 true-false questions and an attitude scale of 20 Likerttype
items were used to collect data. SPSS 15 was used to analyse data.
Results: Of the 1,218 forms distributed, 1,109(91%) were returned duly filled. The overall mean age of the
participants was 20.8±1.8 years (range: 20-30 years). The knowledge score mean was 66.57±12.28 before the
training, and increased to 80.89±12.66 after the training with an increase of 14.32% (p<0.001). The attitude score
mean was 3.72±0.45 before the training and increased to 3.95±0.49 after the training with an increase of 5.75%
Conclusion: The reproductive health training increased knowledge level of recruits in a military setting

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