Development of Infrastructural Facilities in Vadi Village

Type Journal Article - International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology
Title Development of Infrastructural Facilities in Vadi Village
Volume 3
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
The study paper is about the development of appropriate facility and a suggestion for an upgrade of Vadi village, Surat district,
Gujarat - India. It’s an approach towards the development of village with all physical, social and renewable facilities in a way to
explore possibilities of providing urban amenities within the existing rural setup. This village is located in Umarpadataluka of
Surat district. As per census 2011, the village recorded a population of 5,648 persons out of which 2,542 were engaged in
economic activities involving 253 cultivators (owner or co-owner) and 1,470 agricultural laborers. At present, the condition of
the village is gloomy. The village is considered to be underdeveloped. Major reasons as obtained from collected data comprise of
the village lacking of basic facilities such as good sanitation facilities, Pucca houses, adequate public toilets, Pucca roads, solid
waste management and disposal, recreational area, and so on. Under this project effort have been made for sustainable
development of village components such as solid waste management system, smart sanitation system and lake development as a
recreational area. Hence the project is about proposing development of basic facilities in this village attempting optimization of
cost as well as optimum use of available resources.

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