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Type Journal Article - Global Journal of Animal Scientific Research
Title Sheep and Goat Marketing and Consumption in Relation To Religious Festivities in Shifting and Permanent Farming Systems in Western Ethiopia
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 142-147
URL http://gjasr.com/index.php/GJASR/article/view/132
This study explored sheep and goat marketing and consumption in shifting
farming system (SFS) and permanent farming system (PFS) in relation to
festivities in Western Ethiopia. A cross-sectional random survey involving
180 households (HHs), marketing survey that provided 676 observations and
focus group discussions were used to collect marketing and consumption data
from the two farming systems (FSs) representing SFS and PFS. The largest
supply and sales was recorded during Christmas followed by Eid Al-Adha,
Eid Al-Fetir in both FSs. Prices and utilization per HH increased by up to
11.2% and 73.0% in SFS and 19.2% and 82.2% in PFS during festivals,
respectively. Skin color, buyer and seller types affected prices. Sheep was
preferred for HH use in both communities. For producers to better benefit
from higher prices during festivals, they have to plan their production and
supply to match with the fluctuating but predictable patterns of demand

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