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Type Thesis or Dissertation
Title To investigate opportunities and challenges of women’s empowerment in leadership position in Endamehoni Woreda that found in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL Negash.pdf
The aim of the study was to assess the level of women’s empowerment in
leadership positions and suggest remedial solutions so as to reduce the
magnitude of the problem. To achieve these stated objectives, basic questions
were asked which are related to the factors that hinder women’s empowerment
to have leadership position. The research method employed was descriptive
survey and the sampling techniques were available, purposive and simple
random sampling. Data were gathered from primary and secondary sources
through questinaires, interviews and documents. The data obtained were
analyzed using suitable statistical tools such as frequency count, percentage,
mean and standard deviation. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were
employed for data analysis. Accordingly, the main result of the study revealed
that, even though there is a little bit progress, women’s empowerment in
leadership position growth rate is insignificant compared to the growth rate of
women in expert staff. It was further identified that the major causes that
hinder women’s having leadership position were socio-cultural, personal and
institutional barriers, like home and family responsibility, lack of self
confidence, lack of monitoring and evaluation and related issues. The main
mechanisms which for women empowerment rate in leadership position are
developing self confidence, pursuing higher education, developing strong
women’s network, avoiding meritocracy and using quota system. Finally based on
the findings and conclusions, the recommendations given were; empowering women through
continuous training and bringing perceptual and attitudinal changes in all men and women

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