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Type Journal Article - British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research
Title Appreciating the Essence of Post Natal Care Services from Mothers’ Perspective in Kiambu, Kenya
Volume 20
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 1-13
URL http://www.journalrepository.org/media/journals/BJMMR_12/2017/Mar/Cheboi2032017BJMMR32196.pdf
Introduction: The first 42 days after delivery is a critical period in the lives of mothers and
newborn babies. Most maternal and infant deaths occur during this time. The government of
Kenya has recommended that all mothers and newborns receive three postnatal (PNC) checkups
this period. These are; within 48 hours before discharge from post-natal ward, at 2 weeks and
again at 6 weeks. Nonetheless, uptake of postnatal services particularly visit two remains low. For
instance 25% of mothers in Kiambaa Sub County access PNC at two weeks.
Study Design: A cross sectional descriptive study design was conducted among 399 mothers to
determine the factors that influence utilization of PNC services.
Study Area and duration: This research was undertaken in Kiamba, Kiambu County between
August and September, 2013.
Methodology: This was a mixed qualitative and quantitative study. Simple random sampling was
used to select participating administrative units and respondents selected systematically. Sample
size distribution was by probability proportionate to size. Quantitative data was analyzed using
Stata version 13, while qualitative data was analyzed manually based on themes.
Results: Utilization of PNC services was at 45.1%. Over half (53%) of the respondents made their
first PNC post-delivery visit after 14 days, 11% and 36% within 7 and 14 days respectively. The
health care workers had informed only 15 % of the women, to attend the PNC services. College
education (OR=12.292, p<0.001); high household wealth status (OR=3.6211, p<0.001); formal
employment (OR=2.705, p=0.008); delivery at a private facility (OR=2.9269, p< 0.000) and high
knowledge of PNC services (OR=2.2307, p=0.008) were synonymous with utilization of PNC
services. Perceived good quality of care (OR=5.2607, p< 0.000), and a positive attitude
(OR=3.6507, <0.000) were other determinants.
Conclusion: Uptake of postnatal care services remains a challenge among mothers and is
predicted by several overt and covert constraints. Quality of delivery services and providers
respective care practices were key predictors. Nevertheless, close to half of the women sought
postnatal care at least twice in the post-natal period. The services were mainly accessed at or after
6 weeks. The timing of first PNC, post- delivery visit varies. Uptake of PNC visit two remains low

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