Tracer Study of BSCS Graduates of Lyceum of The Philippines University from 2004-2009

Type Journal Article - Academic Research International
Title Tracer Study of BSCS Graduates of Lyceum of The Philippines University from 2004-2009
Volume 4
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 361-377
This tracer study determined the employment status of BS Computer Science
Graduates of LPU from 2004-2009. It also assessed the relevance of BSCS curricula,
knowledge, skills and work values acquired by the graduates relevant to their
employment; identify the personal and professional characteristics and job placement
of Computer Science graduates and the school related factors associated with their
employment. The findings of the study served as the basis of the researcher to
improve, update or enhance the curricula of BSCS program to make this more
responsive to the needs of fast changing technology.
There were 85 percent of the surveyed respondents who were gainfully employed;
majority have professional, technical and supervisory position, landed on their first
job related to their course completed, obtained their first jobs in less than 1 year;
stayed in their first job more than 1 year, career challenge, salaries and benefits are
the prime reasons for changing the job and lack of work experience is the number 1
problem they encountered when looking for a job.
Information Technology and communication skills developed by LPU were
considered very much useful to the present work of the respondents. Work related
values like love for God, supportiveness, courage, tolerance and perseverance were
also deemed very much useful to the present employment of the respondents. The
proposed program of the study focused on academic development, employment
opportunity and enhancing leadership capability of Computer Science graduates.
It is strongly recommended that the graduating students before graduation must be
given ample time to experience pre – employment examinations and interviews.
Faculty development trainings must be given to the faculty members teaching
professional subjects. As to general Education Subjects, Mathematics and Language
subjects must also be strengthened. All Offices and Departments must continue to
improve their services towards the attainment of maximum customer satisfaction.

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