The skills road: skills for employability in Tajikistan

Type Report
Title The skills road: skills for employability in Tajikistan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Publisher The World Bank
City Washington, DC
Country/State USA
URL​tent_Nikoloski, Z_Nikoloski_Skills_Road_Tajikistan_Nikoloski_Skills_ Road_Tajikistan_2014.pdf
The Skills Road: Skills for Employability in Tajikistan has been prepared by a core team led by Mohamed
Ihsan Ajwad and comprising Ilhom Abdulloev, Robin Audy, Stefan Hut, Joost de Laat (former task
team leader), Sachiko Kataoka, Jennica Larrison, Zlatko Nikoloski, and Federico Torracchi. Dariga
Chukmaitova and Alexander Danzer also contributed significantly. The report was written by
Mohamed Ihsan Ajwad and Stefan Hut. The World Bank team worked under the supervision and
guidance of Omar Arias (Sector Manager).
The report analyzed a unique survey that was implemented jointly by a team from the World Bank
and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The survey was conducted with
generous support from the Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP) for the “Skills for
Competitiveness and Growth: The Challenge of Labor Exporting Countries” Initiative, led by Joost
de Laat. The cognitive and non-cognitive skills scores were constructed by Carly Tubbs (Consultant,
New York University) and Louise Bahry (Consultant, University of Massachusetts Amherst).

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