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Type Working Paper
Title Animal traction technology in Botswana: potential and constraints
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1999
URL http://www.animaltraction.net/empowering99/empowering99-aganga-bw-www.pdf
This paper discusses some of the constraints to increased adoption of animal traction technology in Botswana.
Animal draught power has the potential to increase agricultural production by overcoming labour limitations.
Promotion of animal draught power is, however, constrained by an alternative, profitable beef market, cattle
diseases, lack of implements and spare parts. The promotion of the use of donkeys for work could improve access
to animal power. The social prejudice associated with the ownership and use of donkeys is a major constraint to
the promotion of donkey draught power. The increasing availability of tractor ploughing services is a challenge
to the continuing use of animal traction in the 21st century. The main issue is whether the tractor service is fully
sustainable and appropriate to Botswana soil types.

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