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Type Journal Article - Coyuntura económica: investigación económica y social
Title Impacto fiscal de las recomendaciones de la Mision para la Transformacion del Campo
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 57-105
URL http://www.repository.fedesarrollo.org.co/bitstream/handle/11445/3352/Co_Eco_Junio_2016_Ramirez_et_a​l.pdf?sequence=2
In this study we calculate the indicative costs associated with the strategies recommended by the Mission for the Transformation of the
Rural Sector in Colombia. With this objective, we estimate the costs of the different strategies: social inclusion, productive inclusion,
land adequacy, rural roads, land property formalization and entitlements, science, technology and innovation, and environmental
sustainability. The costs of these strategies are compared with the current public expenditures in the rural sector by central and local
governments, and the rural investments funded by royalties. The results show that the costs of the strategies will be around 1.2% of
GDP per year between 2016 and 2030, from which, 0.5% of GDP represents current expenditures.

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