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Type Journal Article - Journal of Gynecology and Women’s Health
Title Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women
Volume 3
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL https://juniperpublishers.com/jgwh/pdf/JGWH.MS.ID.555623.pdf
Pregnancy induced hypertension is a burning issue in terms of maternal mortality and morbidity not only in Bangladesh but also
worldwide. Actually it is risk factor for both mother and child. This cross sectional hospital based study was conducted to assess prevalence
of pregnancy induced hypertension and its determinants among pregnant women attending teaching hospital in third trimester. Non
probability purposive sampling was used to collect sample. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Face to face interview was
taken as well as medical record was checked. Average age of the respondent’s 26.03±5.77 years. More than half of the respondents completed
SSC level education. Average income of the respondent’s was 33100.00±76135.29 BDT. Three-fourth of the respondents had family history
of hypertension. More than half of the respondents (64%) suffered from moderate anemia. Average ANC visit was 4.43±1.58. Multipara,
primipara and nullipara were 63%, 33% and 4% respectively. Underweight, normal, overweight and obese were 4%, 28.50%, 26.50% and
41%. The prevalence of pregnancy induced hypertension was 7.5%. Statistical significant association was found between pregnancy induced
hypertension and socioeconomic status. Further large scale depth study can be conducted to get more precise result.

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