Contribution of farmer-to-farmer video to capital assets building: Evidence from Bangladesh

Type Journal Article - Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
Title Contribution of farmer-to-farmer video to capital assets building: Evidence from Bangladesh
Volume 35
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 408-435
Sustainable agriculture requires suitable group learning approaches
that trigger capital assets building. Drawing mainly on
face-to-face extension, methods and approaches used in sustainable
agricultural projects aim at triggering learning and capital
assets building. To target and to reach out to a large number of
resource-poor households the potential role of media, such as video,
has received less attention. In Bangladesh, videos on sustainable
rice seed practices were developed with farmers and then shown in
multiple villages. This study reports on the contribution of farmer–
to-farmer video-mediated group learning to capital assets building
of women in resource-poor households. Data were collected using
structured interviews with 140 randomly selected women in 28
video villages and 40 women in four control villages in north-west
Bangladesh. Video-mediated group learning enhanced women’s
ability to apply and experiment with seed technologies. It also stimulated
reciprocal sharing of new knowledge and skills between
them, other farmers and service providers. Rice yields increased
by 15%, which improved the women’s social and economic status
and intra-household decision-making. Over 20% of the households
attained rice self-sufficiency, with no changes observed in control
villages. This study has provided insights into the potential use
of farmer-to-farmer video in sustainable agriculture to strengthen
human, social and financial capital and to reduce poverty.

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