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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master in Public Health
Title A comparative analysis of the effects of household economic strenghthening on well being of orphans and vulnerable children in Migori County, Kenya
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Household Economic Strengthening (HES) programs improve the economic capacity of
households (HH) to provide for needy families (increased income, savings, and access to
credit). Scanty information exists on outcomes achieved beyond counting of program
services provided. Outcomes on child well-being; health, nutrition and protection remain
poorly understood, and few programs have been analyzed to establish these outcomes.
Analysis highlights knowledge gaps that inform stakeholders of evidence for decisions on
better interventions that could positively impact on OVC wellbeing. This study aimed at
assessing HES program effects on health, nutrition and protection of OVCs aged 6-60
months in Migori County. Study design was comparative cross sectional study, with a
study sample population of 400 HH from both intervention (200 HH) and nonintervention
(200 HH) areas. Purposive and simple random sampling was used to select
respondents. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected using questionnaires and
observation checklists, and analyzed using STATA software, and manual transcription.
Results were presented in Tables and charts. Chi-square and t-tests established that OVC
from intervention HH had significantly (P<0.05) better health; malaria (X2
P=0.00), diarrhea, (X2
=30.027, P=0.000), immunization (X2
=27.845, P=0.000), and
nutrition; MUAC (t=-7.596, P=0.000), WAZ (t=-2.386, P=0.008), HAZ (t=-1.845,
P=0.032) and were better protected from abuse (X2
=22.809, P=0.000) and neglect
=1.88, P=0.170) as compared to those from non-intervention HH. It concluded that
Migori HES intervention improved OVC health, nutrition and protection, and
recommended linkages to other social protection safety nets, and further studies of other
HES models to establish the most effective for HH economic strengthening of vulnerable

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