Measuring of Progress of Decent Work to Support the MDGs and Post-MDGs

Type Working Paper - Southern Voice: On Post-MDG International Development Goals
Title Measuring of Progress of Decent Work to Support the MDGs and Post-MDGs
Issue 14
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
This paper presents a study conducted in Guatemala to measure the progress of decent work. The results indicate that a commitment to provide opportunities for decent work alongside a progress measurement framework like the System of Decent Work Indicators for Guatemala would support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development going forward. The study engages with the concepts of sustainable development, human development and decent work according to the human rights approach. It emphasises poverty eradication, which requires, among other things, the promotion of decent work and environmental sustainability. Measurement of the progress of decent work in Guatemala follows the methodology suggested by the International Labour Organization and uses data from Guatemala’s 2012 National Survey of Employment and Income to assess the main features of the labour market. This paper’s findings illuminate aspects such as the impacts caused by the high levels of informal work and poverty in the country, and point to valuable conclusions for the ongoing dialogue on the post-2015 development framework.

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