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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health
Title Dietary habits of adolescent students in Mansoura, Egypt
Volume 6
Issue 6
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Abdel-Hady_El-Gilany/publication/263086586_Dietary_habits_of_ad​olescent_students_in_Mansoura_Egypt/links/00b7d539c7c861d4f1000000.pdf
Background: During the last few decades, Egypt experienced rapid socio-cultural
changes that were associated with major changes in the food choices and eating habits,
which becomes more westernized.
Aims: To investigate the consumption of different food groups among secondary school
students and its associated socio-demographic factors in Mansoura, Egypt.
Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted on 927 adolescent students. Thirty
clusters were selected to cover both general and vocational public schools of both sexes
in urban and rural areas. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data
about socio-demographic features of the students and their families, as well as food
patterns and eating habits of students.
Results: About 89.6%, 58.9% and 71% of students consumed bread/rice, vegetables
and plant protein on daily basis; respectively. Fast foods and carbonated drinks were
consumed on daily bases by 64.6% and 19.6% of students; respectively. About 79.6%
of students drink tea more than 3 times. Excess salt and excess sugar/sweet intake were
reported by 67.4% and 54% of students; respectively. The independent effects of some
socio-demographic factors on both healthy and unhealthy diets were studied.
Conclusions: Students practice many faulty dietary habits. School, family and
community based interventions are timely needed to promote healthy eating habit in

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