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Type Journal Article - The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine
Title Determinant Analysis of Obesity among Adult Females in Egypt
Volume 65
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 662-669
URL https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Raouf_Alebshehy/publication/312595844_Determinant_Analysis_of_O​besity_among_Adult_Females_in_Egypt/links/5885c9784585150dde4a782b/Determinant-Analysis-of-Obesity-a​mong-Adult-Females-in-Egypt.pdf
Background: obesity is a major and growing health problem that affects developed, and developing
countries. It has many health, financial, and social consequences. Therefore, addressing obesity tops
the World Health Organization’s public health agenda. In Egypt, there is a remarkable increase in
obesity with more than one third of the whole population being obese. A particular issue in Egypt is
that prevalence of obesity is more than double among females (46%) as compared to males (22%).
Moreover, there is no national program to address the problem, and 95% of females are not taking any
measures to change their weight. Despite the major gender gap in obesity prevalence, little research
has examined gender differences in its determinants. Therefore, this study aims to analyse
determinants of adult Egyptian female obesity.
Methods: this study is an in-depth review based on secondary data collection. A conceptual
framework was developed to analyse the determinants. Data is obtained from different resources such
as key health databases such as PubMed, Global health, and websites of relevant institutions such as
World Health Organization, and Egypt’s Ministry of Health. Findings: the study has revealed the
huge burden of obesity among women in Egypt. It shows that obesity among Egyptian females
increases with age, wealth, urban residency, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity. It revealed the
growing trend of obesity among poor and rural people. It also discussed other sectors of influence that
lead to higher obesity rates such as urbanization, and levels of education.

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