Induced abortion in Vietnam: fact and resolution

Type Conference Paper - Reproductive Health, Unmet Needs, and Poverty
Title Induced abortion in Vietnam: fact and resolution
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
City Bangkok
Country/State Thailand
This report is based on an induced abortion survey in 2000 in Vietnam, interview 600 women from 15 – 49 year old in two regions where are reported as a highest induced abortion rates in Vietnam – Northern Uplands and Red River Delta. It shows that the factors such as the differentials of educational level and occupation, cultural values, gender and religion are also associated with the level of induced abortion. Number of children also is a determinant factors in decision making to access induced abortion services by women. Health and family planning services provide inadequate quality of care, consequences of unmet need for contraceptives, and high rate of contraceptive failure. The complications of abortion are very high, indicating a high level of unsafe abortion. In addition, accessibility to health care services is too easy; it leads some women take advantage of this to terminate their unwanted pregnancies as two third of abortion cases without medical examination for pregnancies. The high rate of induced abortion is an alarming issue, indicates that the managers of health and family planning programs should pay more attention a better quality of care to reduced abortion rate. It also calls for law and policy reform.

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