Intimate partner violence with special reference to wife-battering

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Societies
Title Intimate partner violence with special reference to wife-battering
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 40-48
The study explores the factors that perpetuate violence against women, especially wife battering and the strategies that have been employed to respond to the problem. It analyses the constellation of factors that may lead to violence especially wife assault to emerge as a legitimate public health concern and explores the opportunities and obstacles for the further progress in the field. The study addresses the problem at both the macro and micro level where it is the woman who falls prey of battering by their spouses. 100 abused women (n = 100) were selected from an NGO ‘Shaktistambh’ purposively and case studies were conducted. Findings reveal that in vast majority of cases, women face battering very frequently which is extremely severe. 50% of the cases have reported that they have been living under the threat of murder. More than 80% of cases reported that they needed medical care for their injuries. The cases which were surveyed during the study sought help from the Family Counseling Centers and by Women Shelter Homes , where these women were residing.

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