Reproductive health problems faced by men in Solomon Islands

Type Thesis or Dissertation - Doctor of Philosophy
Title Reproductive health problems faced by men in Solomon Islands
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Male reproductive health problems (particularly sexual dysfunction and lower urinary
tract symptoms) are global public health issues. To date, however, there has been
relatively little research in the Pacific region into men’s reproductive health, and
knowledge derived from research in other countries may not be generalisable. Male
sexual dysfunction and some prominent determinants such as comorbid chronic
diseases or violence against boys have not been examined in much depth in most
Pacific island countries, including the Solomon Islands. This is a significant gap, both
for local evidence-based public health practice and international epidemiological
Solomon Islands is one of the poorest countries in the Pacific region. Currently, the
country is facing what is referred to as ‘triple disease burden’ that includes
communicable and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the impact of unstable
political governance which limits health care resources. Recent data indicated high
prevalence of social and health problems such as domestic violence, child sexual
exploitation, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), NCDs, smoking, alcohol problems
and illicit drug use.
This thesis describes findings from a mixed-methods study that incorporated
qualitative inquiry involving three focus groups and eighteen in-depth face to face
interviews and a quantitative quasi-randomised survey of 400 men aged 18-70 years
recruited from households in Honiara. The men participated in individual, face to face
interviews in which they were asked to recall sexual difficulties, lower urinary tract
symptoms (LUTS) and their experiences in relation to health care services in the

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