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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development
Title Nursing mothers perception, challenges and health impact of exclusive breastfeeding in Ho-Dome municipality, Ghana
Volume 17
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 1893-1898
The study investigated the perception, challenges and
health impact of exclusive breast feeding by nursing
mothers. The study employed the survey as the study
design and the population was all nursing mothers
who visited the various polyclinics in the HO
metropolitan area in May 2013. A random sample of
80 nursing mothers participated using questionnaire
for the data collection. Frequency counts and
percentages were used to analyse the data for the
study. Findings from the study revealed that mothers
were more likely to feed their babies on demand
when at home but may be uncomfortable to do same
when in public. Nursing mothers are of the view that
exclusive breastfeeding although good could cause
the babies to refuse food when they are being
weaned. Mothers do not believe though that breast
feeding is time consuming or cause low baby
weights. On the bases of the findings of the study, it
is recommended that Health Education on the
importance and benefits of exclusive breast feeding
must be intensified to cover all classes of nursing
mothers especially those with very low level of
education or no education at all.

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