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Type Working Paper - Bangladesh, Factor 9: Water Sanitation and Security
Title Bangladesh: Dangerous Water Affecting the Masses
URL https://www.worldfoodprize.org/documents/filelibrary/images/youth_programs/research_papers/2015_pape​rs/EastSacCounty_ARoss_IA_8132849E2498C.pdf
The seventy percent of the world is covered in water. Most of the worlds’ water is unavailable for use
with only 2.2% being fresh water, and only one percent of it being considered drinkable (NatGeo. Web.).
Imagine living with an abundance of water using it for drinking, bathing, and raising your crops, but not
knowing this water is slowly killing you and your family. Bangladesh does not suffer from a lack of water
with three major rivers constantly flowing through it and set on the coast of the Indian Ocean, with the
exception of the dry season, yet water is still unavailable for use or the use of this water is harmful.
Bangladesh’s water is killing its people at an alarming rate of the population. Water has proven to be the
lifeline to all life, but also a killer.

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