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Type Journal Article - Via Inveniendi Et Iudicandi Vol. 5, Num. 2 (2008) pp. 2-20
Title El derecho a no tener hambre en Colombia?` D¿Derecho Fundamental o Derecho Económico, Social y Cultural?
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
URL http://www.oda-alc.org/documentos/1341440236.pdf
The purpose of this article is to reach a clear concept of the right
of not to be hungry as a human right and open the discussion about it’s
effectiveness and justiciability. This article is not interested in creating limits and
divisions about the right to food to make weaker it’s understanding and
treatment. The aim is to establish certainties about it and then make it much
more clear and that way make easier it’s effectiveness and justiciability.

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