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Type Journal Article - NDU Journal
Title Polarization of Baloch society: causes and consequences
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 43-60
URL http://www.ndu.edu.pk/issra/issra_pub/articles/ndu-journal/NDU-Journal-2014/03-Polarization.pdf
All federating units of the state of Pakistan have diverse
ethnic makeup, distinct cultures, assorted languages and
even incongruent life style. These sociological differences
have resulted in social division of overall Pakistani society
which is evident from emergence of few very serious internal
conflicts during past few decades. The enigmatic state versus
province conflict in Balochistan has been ongoing since
independence of Pakistan in 1947 having multiple causes and
dimensions. The conflict has adversely affected Baloch
population resulting into rising dissatisfaction level from the
state. The prolonged sufferings of population have translated
into solemn grievances over the years and set in symptoms
of social polarization in Baloch society. Polarization, being a
wide ranging phenomenon, has many contributory causes.
The article focuses on polarization through the prism of three
contributing variable; state of education, health & civic
amenities and hypothesises that despite prevailing
polarization in Baloch society, province of Balochistan
cannot secede from federation of Pakistan.

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