A Sociological Analysis of Lack of Stakeholders Participation as a Major Construct of Low Quality Education in Pakistan

Type Journal Article - European Journal of Business and Management
Title A Sociological Analysis of Lack of Stakeholders Participation as a Major Construct of Low Quality Education in Pakistan
Volume 4
Issue 12
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
Page numbers 101-119
URL http://pakacademicsearch.com/pdf-files/ech/517/101-118 Vol 4, No 12 (2012).pdf
Stakeholders participation is necessary for the smooth running of education sector as it perks up ownership, build
consensus, mobilize the adequate resources and construct institutional capacity. Thus government officials,
educational professionals, teachers, parents, local communities and students are the major stakeholders that can
increase the quality and relevance of education. Cross sectional survey research design was used by the
researcher to assemble the data from N=589 respondents. The researcher used multistage sampling technique to
evaluate the relationship among the study variables. Data was analyzed by using SPSS software and One Way
ANOVA test was applied to evaluate the difference between four means (n1=217 students, n2= 217 parents,
n3=62 teachers and n4= 93 school administrators). The researcher instituted through this research that lack of
stakeholders participation is the major underlying principle behind low quality education in Pakistan. Inadequate
infrastructural development, cheating in examination, lack of proper management, inadequate commitment and
motivation of teachers to their teaching profession as well as parental disinterest in educating their children are
the salient factors that lower the participation of stakeholders in education sector of Pakistan. The researcher
concluded that inadequate school environment (that do not follow the basic principles of orderliness, punctuality
and discipline), lack of consciousness about the importance of quality education, derisory pre-service teachers
training and improper knowledge of teachers about the subject matter are the foremost dynamics that have
negative impact on enrollment rate of the students. Improvement in school administration, reformations in
existing educational plans, adequate accountability system, curriculum reformations and increasing the quality of
education are the major reformations that can increase the stakeholders participation in education sector of

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