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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Masters
Title Strengthening the capacity of a youth organization to address problems in adolescent reproductive health: the case of Save Your Generation Tanzania (SAGETA) Miburani Ward, Temeke Municipality
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
URL http://academicarchive.snhu.edu/bitstream/handle/10474/382/sced2007lowassa.pdf?sequence=1
This project report is about the formulation or development of a project, which includes implementation, monitoring evaluation and sustainability. It addressed needs and problems affecting adolescents. The project outcome would lead to the reduction of early, unwanted and unplanned adolescent pregnancies and reproductive health problems in adolescents in the target area of Miburani Ward, Temeke Municipal Council. The project aimed also at supporting the efforts of SAGETA in creating favourable environment for the young people to fulfill their goals. The thrust of the project was on the uphill battle adolescents have to fight in order to stay healthy, socially acceptable and economically empowered. The project points out attempts made by local and international organizations as well as government ministries to analyze adolescent issues. It also analyses the approach used in designing and evaluating this same project. The major outcomes were; It has been found; first, SAGETA has the potential to scale up activities to reach the youth but has limited capacity. Second meaningful engagement of adolescents will likely minimize their time and energy waste; thirdly, improved capacity of SAGETA will likely ensure less reproductive health problems and improved organizational performance.

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