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Type Journal Article - Journal of Environmental Research and Management
Title Cameroonian protected Kilium-Ijim forests for the development of Oku forest fringe community
Volume 6
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 293-303
URL http://www.e3journals.org/cms/articles/1450419913_Zephania and Jude.pdf
Rural communities in forest fringes over the world depend on the forest resources for livelihood
because forest eco systems are abodes of resources on which social life and economic
development is anchored. Oku is such a community in Bui Division, Cameroon, on the edge of the
Kilum-Ijim protected forest created as reserve in 1987. Primary and secondary data was used to
identify ways people depend on reserves for social benefits and development like water and food
resources, abode of the gods, as well as forest income generating activities. It evaluates the
threats that the indigenes inflict on the biodiversity triggering degradation, lands capes
clarification and related effects. The study identifies socio-cultural institutional setup and role
play in the defunct Kilum Mountain Forest Projecting saving the forest from want on exploitation.
Results show that the forest is a vital source of social benefits and economic development to the
community so suggest that national institutions charged with the protection off rest double their
vigilanceontheguardingactivitiesanddevelopalternativesourcesoflivelihoodto the people.

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