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Type Report
Title Evaluation of UNICEF’s role as Lead Partner in the education sector in Sierra Leone
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL https://www.unicef.org/evaldatabase/files/Evaluation_UNICEF_role_Lead_Partner_FINAL.pdf
This evaluation assesses UNICEFs role as Lead Partner in the coordination of the education
sector in Sierra Leone. The longstanding presence and convening role played by UNICEF in
the sector led to the appointment of the Agency as Lead Partner in 2005. The main purpose
of the evaluation is to take stock of UNICEFs performance as Lead Partner since the launch
of the Education Sector Plan in 2007. While the evaluation includes a summative element to
assess the performance of the Lead Partner, the evaluation is primarily formative in nature.
This means that the central rationale is to learn from past experiences and provide guidance
for how UNICEF can best fulfill its role as Lead Partner in the years to come.
In accordance with the Terms of Reference (TOR), the evaluation examined four main areas,
including the relevance, effectiveness, risks and benefits of UNICEFs role as Lead Partner. A
mixed set of methods was used to generate and analyse data on the role of the Lead
Partner. The main source of data was a series of interviews with 22 key stakeholders in the
education sector in Sierra Leone including representatives from the Ministry of Education,
bilateral donors, multilateral agencies and international NGOs. This was supported and
complemented by a review of relevant documenation and observations at the 2012 Annual
Education Sector Review. The evaluation was commissioned by UNICEF Sierra Leone and
spanned a period of six weeks work for one person.

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