Envisioning role of community Midwives in Punjab, Pakistan

Type Journal Article - Medical Channel
Title Envisioning role of community Midwives in Punjab, Pakistan
Volume 21
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 38-46
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The majority of women prefer the deliveries at home because this option is
affordable and accessible. Midwifery care results in lower costs due to fewer
unnecessary, invasive, and expensive interventions. This research highlights the
motivation, efficiency and proficiency of community midwives working at the
grassroots level. This study shows the existing retention status of CMWs in
their geographical area. This paper provides an overview of research and statistics
that describe the practice of midwives in Punjab.Some key reasons including
financial constraints, lack of trust and a fear of being mishandled by newly
trained young CMWs resulted in low acceptance of CMWs for maternal healthcare.
The awareness regarding availability of trained CMWs in the community along
with backup support by the district health system is extremely important to
address the concerns of the community, thus leading to enhanced acceptance of
the CMWs by the community and gaining optimum confidence. This study aims
at improving the mother and child health, with the objective to improve the
performance of community midwives (CMWs). One of the objectives of this
study isto identify theindicators to improve the performance of CMWs in Punjab,
Pakistan. Challenges/Bottlenecks are also pointed out and suggestions are made.
The methodology used is empirical, quantitative data is represented in pie, bar,
and line graphs. Three year secondary data from 2013 to 2015 of CMWs
performance was collected from IRMNCH and nutrition program.

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