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Type Journal Article - Clinical Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine
Title Utilizing digital health applications as a means to diffuse knowledge to improve family planning outcomes in Bangladesh
Volume 3
Issue 2
Page numbers 1-7
URL http://www.oatext.com/pdf/COGRM-3-176.pdf
Introduction: Bangladesh’s growing population negatively affects its economic growth. As such, reproductive health programs are critical. Fieldworkers play a critical
role in providing family planning services in Bangladesh, and require up-to-date knowledge to counsel their clients to improve family planning outcomes. This study
examines the effects of a fieldworker digital health training package on family planning client knowledge and behaviors in Bangladesh through a two-step diffusion
Methods: This study was part of a knowledge management intervention that sought to improve fieldworkers’ access, comprehension, and application of health
resources. Mothers with a child under the age of two (n= 651) reported receiving a home visit from a fieldworker who had a netbook with the package (low exposure);
reported receiving a home visit from a fieldworker who had a netbook with the package and were shown a digital resource (high exposure); or reported no home visit
from a fieldworker who had a netbook (no exposure).
Results: Both levels of exposure were associated with higher odds of mothers reporting that the fieldworker discussed contraceptive choice, contraceptive side effects,
and contraceptive side effects management compared to unexposed mothers. Mothers in the high exposure group had higher odds of contraceptive use compared to
unexposed mothers (aOR: 1.85).
Discussion: The knowledge a fieldworker gains through a digital health training package can be diffused to clients, positively affecting client knowledge and
behaviors. Such interventions can empower fieldworkers by providing them relevant information at the point of care, which can enhance their credibility among the
communities they serve.

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