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Type Journal Article - Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine
Title Determinants of male involvement in women’s reproductive health: a multilevel study in Bangladesh
Volume 16
Issue 3
Page numbers 211-218
Male involvement is considered as a crucial component for promoting better reproductive health. Bangladesh as a
country of patriarchy is still facing some challenges in engaging male partners in family planning as well as reproductive
health services. The present study attempts to elicit the factors that promote or retard men’s participation in promoting
their wives’ reproductive health. The sampling survey method was used to conduct the study. Data were collected from
200 married women aged 15-49 years from rural and urban areas through structured questionnaire. Bivariate analysis was
performed between men’s participation as the dependent variable with several socio-demographic and behavioral
variables. Besides, crude odds ratio and adjusted odds ratio with 95% confidence interval were used to measure the
association between male involvement and independent variables. The findings reveal that the prevalence of husbands’
high participation in uptake their wives reproductive health services was 69.5%. Factors that augment men’s involvement
in their wives’ reproductive health include inter-spousal communication on reproductive health issues, husbands’
positive attitude towards family planning, wives’ communication in the social network in this regard, women’s access to
newspaper and respondents’ urban residence.

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