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Type Journal Article - Acta Paediatrica
Title Effect of a randomised exclusive breastfeeding counselling intervention nested into the MINIMat prenatal nutrition trial in Bangladesh
Volume 106
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 49-54
URL https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/c3de/cb7a6a2c1cb6e0065eba00c2c44f20604821.pdf
Aim: It is unknown whether maternal malnutrition reduces the effect of counselling on
exclusive breastfeeding. This study evaluated the effect of breastfeeding counselling on the
duration of exclusive breastfeeding, and whether the timing of prenatal food and different
micronutrient supplements further prolonged this duration.
Methods: Pregnant women in Matlab, Bangladesh, were randomised to receive daily food
supplements of 600 kcal at nine weeks of gestation or at the standard 20 weeks. They
also were allocated to either 30 mg of iron and 400 lg folic acid, or the standard
programme 60 mg of iron and folic acid or multiple micronutrients. At 30 weeks of
gestation, 3188 women were randomised to receive either eight breastfeeding counselling
sessions or the usual health messages.

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