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Type Book
Title Regional and small area statistics
Publisher The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)
City Ankara
Country/State Turkey
Regional and local data are increasingly available from a variety of sources: surveys, geo-coded
data, administrative records, big data, and data produced by users. The range of techniques to
integrate and analyse these different sources has also changed the supply of data on different
geographical scales, with the potential for dramatically improving both the quantity and
timeliness of local information.
The integration of data sources can help governments to better understand interactions among
economic, social and environmental changes at the local level. In addition, a rich set of
information at different geographical levels responds not only to policy makers’ needs but also
to people’s desire to better understand the area they live in to make decisions, voice their
interests, and participate in democratic life. Meeting these expectations will help governments to
receive feedback, restore trust and, ultimately, improve the efficacy of their actions.

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