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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Food and Allied Sciences
Title Awareness regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of children with severe acute malnutrition at stabilization centre Multan
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 32-35
URL http://ijfaas.com/index.php/ijfaas/article/view/8
Breast feeding is the most natural way of feeding the infants and help to reduce child mortality and
morbidity and millions of deaths could be prevented each year if mothers were aware of benefits of
exclusive breast feeding for 4 -6 months and early initiation of breast feeding. In current study, awareness
regarding breast feeding and complementary feeding in mothers of severely malnourished children was
evaluated. The results showed that 99% mothers considered breast milk safe and effective but practically
only 23% babies were breast fed while 77% were bottle fed. According to 58% mothers, there should be a
early initiation of breast feeding, while 57% were un aware of the facts that clostrum should be given
while 43% (43/100) of then considered it unhealthy and non effective. The current awareness reveals that
most of the mothers prefer to give commercially available foods for their infants instead of breast feeding.
This situation is alarming regarding child health and there is need to educate the mothers especially about
the beneficial and health curing effects of breast feeding

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