Conflict betwen Bankariya and other Stakeholders for the use of Forest Product

Type Journal Article - International Journal of Environment
Title Conflict betwen Bankariya and other Stakeholders for the use of Forest Product
Volume 3
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 210-221
Socio-culturally and economically every rural community of Nepal are associated with forest for
their livelihood and identity but simultaneously governmental policy for the protection of forest
is not in the favor of people, which has been creating conflict between people and other
stakeholder including governmental organization. This research tries to know the causes and
consequences of conflict between Bankariya and other stakeholders. This research was carried
out between the period May to December 2013. According to nature of the problem descriptive
research design has been applied. Handikhola VDC of Makwanpur district has been selected as
an universe purposively. Both primary and secondary sources of data were applied in this study.
Case study, key informant interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) methods were applied
for primary data collection. The findings shows that the living condition of Bankariya has
changed after the government has provided them 6 hectors land for 40 years at Mushedhap. Still
date forest based products are extremely beneficial for the enhancement of their livelihoods. The
major problems faced by Bankariya community regarding to use of forest based resources are;
not having their own permanent land for settlement and agriculture purpose, provision of present
rules and regulation, and attitude of other elite persons/groups for dominating them. Forest
resource based conflicts of Bankariya is mainly related with local people and other forest user
group committee members as compared to Parsa Wild Life Reserve and District Forest Office of

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