Frequency and pattern of Skin Disorders in Adolescents in a School of Kathmandu

Type Journal Article - Journal of Institute of Medicine
Title Frequency and pattern of Skin Disorders in Adolescents in a School of Kathmandu
Volume 37
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 21-25
Introduction: Skin disorders are one of the major causes of morbidity in Nepal. The
objectives of this study are to determine the relative frequency and pattern of skin disorders
in a cohort of adolescents 9-18 years of age.
Methods: The study was conducted in a residential school of Kathmandu. A detailed
information about the study was given to the student members of a school club and they in
turn, informed all the other students of the dermatologic health camp, which was conducted
subsequently. All students appearing at the camp were examined by a dermatologist and
information regarding age, gender, school grade and diagnosis were recorded in a prevalidated
Results: In the school there were a total of 950 students (627 m, 323 f). Of them 242 (116 m,
126 f) had skin disorder with a point prevalence of 25.5%. Female students had significantly
higher prevalence (29%) than male (18.5%). The most common skin disorders were acne,
eczemas and urticaria, and the 10 most frequent diagnoses comprised 87% of all skin
Conclusion: This study demonstrates that 1/4 of the students had one or more identifiable
skin disorders. Despite the wide range of dermatoses, only a few of them accounted for a
major proportion of the skin disorders. This study provides data for targeting health care
programs for prevention and treatment of skin disorders in this age group.

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